carry [kar′ē]
carried, carrying [ME carien < Anglo-Fr carier < NormFr carre, CAR1]
1. to hold or support while moving [to carry a package]
2. to take from one place to another; transport, as in a vehicle [to carry the mail]
3. to hold, and direct the motion of; be a channel for; convey [a pipe carrying water]
4. to cause to go; lead or impel [his ambition carried him to the top]
5. to be a medium for the transmission of [air carries sounds]
6. to transfer or extend [to carry a wall along a precipice]
7. to transfer (a figure, entry, account, etc.) from one column, page, time, etc. to the next in order
a) to bear the weight of [the balusters carry a railing]
b) to support or sustain [when others were injured, Jones carried the team]
9. to be pregnant with
a) to bear as a mark
b) to have as a quality, characteristic, consequence, etc.; involve; imply [to carry a guarantee]
11. to have on one's person or keep with one [to carry a watch, to carry memories]
12. to hold or poise (oneself, one's weight, etc.) in a specified way
13. to conduct (oneself) in a specified way
14. to include as part of its contents or program schedule: said of a newspaper, radio or TV station, etc.
15. to have or keep on a list or register [to be carried on the tax list ]
a) to support financially
b) to bear the cost of [to carry insurance on a car]
17. to enable (an opponent, a subordinate, etc.) to continue through one's own efforts, generosity, etc.
18. to capture (a fortress, etc.)
19. to win over, lead, or influence (a group)
a) to gain support or victory for (a cause, point, etc.)
b) to win (an election, argument, etc.)
c) to gain a majority of the votes in (a district, state, etc.)
21. to drink (liquor) without showing the effects
22. South to accompany; escort
23. Commerce
a) to keep in stock; deal in [to carry leather goods]
b) to keep on one's account books, etc.
24. Agric.
a) to bear as a crop; produce
b) to support (livestock)
25. Golf to go past or beyond (an object or expanse) or cover (a distance) with one stroke
26. Hunting to keep and follow (a scent)
27. Music to sing the notes of (a melody or part) accurately
1. to act as a bearer, conductor, etc.
a) to have or cover a range [the shot carried to the next hill]
b) to move easily through the air: said of a propelled object
3. to have the intended effect upon those watching or listening
4. to hold the head, etc. in a specified way: said of a horse
5. to win approval [the motion carried]
pl. carries
1. the range of, or distance covered by, a gun, golf ball, projectile, etc.
2. a portage between two navigable bodies of water
3. the act or manner of carrying
be carried away or get carried away
to be moved to great or unreasoning emotion or enthusiasm
carry forward
1. to proceed or progress with
2. Bookkeeping to transfer from one column, page, book, or account to another
carry off
1. to kill [the disease carried off thousands]
2. to win (a prize, honors, etc.)
3. to handle (a delicate situation), esp. with success
carry on
1. to engage in; conduct
2. to go on (with); continue as before, esp. in the face of difficulties
3. Informal to behave in a wild, extravagant, or childish way
4. Informal to engage in an illicit love affair
carry out
1. to put (plans, instructions, etc.) into practice
2. to get done; bring to completion; accomplish
carry over
1. to have or be remaining
2. to transfer or hold over
3. to postpone or allow to postpone; continue
carry through
1. to get done; accomplish
2. to keep (a person) going; sustain
SYN.- CARRY means to take something from one place to another and implies a person as the agent or the use of a vehicle or other medium; BEAR1 emphasizes the support of the weight or the importance of that which is carried [to be borne on a sedan chair, to bear good tidings ]; CONVEY, often simply a formal equivalent of CARRY, is preferred where continuous movement is involved [the boxes are conveyed on a moving belt ] or where passage by means of an agent or medium is implied [words convey ideas ]; TRANSPORT is applied to the movement of goods or people from one place to another, esp. over long distances; TRANSMIT stresses causal agency in the sending or conducting of things [the telegrapher transmitted the message ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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